Remember when regular 2D paper printers were all the rage? Neither do I. However, as much as we’ve taken the paper printer for granted it’s still one area that has been plagued with bad design time and time again: flimsy plastic components, cumbersome ink cartridge replacement experiences, and overall bulky awkwardness all remind me why I’ve gone paper-free. Recently, Samsung took a unique approach to redesigning the 2D printing experience with three new printer prototypes. While they’re most certainly just testing the waters with internet-based feedback at this point in time, are they actually improving the 2D printing experience or just building ‘pretty little boxes’?

Samsung’s Printer Prototypes

1featureThe Origami – A flat-pack, origami-inspired corrugated cardboard enclosure.

23The Clip – A screwless plastic snap-enclosure

54The Mate – A customizable, minimalist printer with interchangeable body panels

YouTube video

While the designs are unique, do they really address what 2D printing has needed for years (ie a revamped ink cartridge replacement experience)? Regardless, these printer concepts as-is would definitely cut down on a large amount of material and could drastically reduce other costs associated with manufacturing and shipping. What do you think? Heck, how often do you still use your 2D printer?

Images via Samsung


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