While it can be daunting to create LEGO models consisting of an absurd amount of blocks, you might consider the sense of accomplishment when building something with the least amount of blocks possible. Case in point: these tiny LEGO PlayStations.

Twitter user SUU2100 has turned all four of Sony’s video game consoles into bite-sized LEGO models. Sure, they won’t run games like Overwatch (or any game for that matter), but when a console is this cute, you’ll be too distracted to play video games anyway.

The first PlayStation has the most rounded LEGO parts and looks the least like its real-life counterpart (probably because it’s missing the iconic PlayStation logo). Unless anyone remembers what the 1994 console looks like, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who could tell you what this tiny build is without any hints.

Now the original PlayStation 2 on the other hand, looks a lot more discernible. It has that blocky look with the top portion jutting out from the rest of the console. SUU2100 even bothered adding a small blue strip where the PlayStation 2’s logo rests.

SU2100 could have put together an oblong block and called it a day with the fat PlayStation 3, but he actually managed to recreate the disc slot on the right side of the console. This differentiates it from every other oblong LEGO block and makes it look like it could actually play cute, little Blu-ray discs.

In the video above, you can see how big the builds are compared to his hand. The consoles are built from literally a handful of LEGO bricks which look completely unmodified to match the design.

Which brings us to the PlayStation 4, Sony’s current headlining console. To be honest, I have no idea how he managed to pull off the console’s geometry since it slants backward. As it turns out, using a mixture of triangle blocks gets the job done. He even managed to include a glowing blue block which represents the light bar on the console.

Inspired? Well, you can find more of SUU2100’s miniature LEGO creations, along with some larger builds, over at his Brickshelf gallery.


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