When you think of a blender, what usually comes to mind is a cylindrical machine capable of grinding, juicing, or mulching down food into elderly-friendly portions. The second thought which comes to mind is the noise; as almost all blenders operate with as much subtlety as an inconsiderate construction worker.

Eager to distance kitchen appliances from the noise they are known for, millo’s first foray into a more modern kitchen comes in the form of their smart portable blender:

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Using what they call their patented Magnetic Air Drive technology, the millo uses a brushless magnetic engine which allows torque to transfer from the base to the blender’s blades. This drastically reduces the noise produced by the blades making contact with the contents of the blender (there’s even a Quiet mode in case you want to surprise someone with breakfast in bed).


Unlike other blenders which make you gauge which setting to use for select foods, the millo has a built in Smart Pulse feature which recognizes the density of what you’re trying to blend and adjusts itself accordingly. This prevents any excess power and energy which could otherwise cause a lot of noise pollution.

If you aren’t keen on the Smart Pulse taking over your morning smoothie-making rituals, you could always switch the millo to manual mode and set your own preferences. The millo will save your settings accordingly so you don’t have to keep repeating setting it every morning.


As for operating the millo, a buttonless interface found at the base of the blender lets you activate it from any angle. The blender has three settings which you can keep or adjust to fit your blending style.

Powering this sleek blending machine is a wireless battery which takes 120 minutes to fully charge using a USB Type-C port. It can make a total of 10 smoothies before needing a recharge and when it does, a notification on the milli app will remind you to plug it in.

YouTube video

As with most technology nowadays, the millo blender can be connected to your phone. Aside from charging notifications, you can track the items you’ve blended in the past, personalize your blends, and even share them with other people who have their own millo smart blender. It feels a bit intrusive (and it totally is), but if you’d like to try the blending techniques of complete strangers, this is one way to do it.


Seeing as this is just the first of many products which will use the Magnetic Air Drive tech, we can assume the millo team is out to make food prepping a quieter and more portable experience.

You can find more on the millo on the official millo webpage. If you don’t mind spending €399 (roughly 442 USD) on a smart blender, you can also purchase one there.


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