OOoooo. Is this really a question that needs to be asked? Everyone uses 3D right? and if they don’t, the should be slapped upwards and forced to partake of the goodness that is 3D geometry.

Do the manufacturers you work with use 3D data to create parts, build assemblies or get information not provided on drawings? Or do they just stick with good ol’ paper to keep production rolling? I’m thinking there’s usually a mix, but there’s benefits with 3D data a lot of shops may be missing. Whatcha think?

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Should They Use 3D?
So maybe a manufacturer only uses 2D CAD, PDF drawings or 2D templates to create parts? (How lame right. Get with it!) Should they try to use 3D data though?

It’s easy to quickly say yes, but what’s interesting in this regard is how engineering can provide data to manufacturers. Engineering that uses 3D data has the options to output everything from 2D drawings to 3D geometry. If they can provide the 2D data to manufacturing for how they work, do shops really need to try new ways to use 3D? I think they need to look at in the scope of their existing processes and how they can work with different data engineering can provide. What do you think?

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