The head of a common axe is usually made from a single, solid piece of metal. Not only does this give the tool a more solid cutting surface; it also provides the axe the weight it needs to be swung properly.

This axe by YouTube channel Mr. Inventor may not be the most suitable tool in the shed for chopping chunks of wood, but it definitely gets an award for being an interesting build.

After all, it’s made from rebar.

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Most of the outline of this axe was made by bending a single piece of steel rod. With the help of a table vise grip and a metal pipe to shape the segments, it wasn’t hard at all to create the axe’s handle.

rebar axe

After two parallel pieces of rebar were properly placed, they were welded together into a fine handle.

rebar axe

Seeing as this was meant to be a decorative axe rather than an everyday working tool, some extra flair was given to the head. The butt (the dull back portion of the axe) was made with two curves meeting to provide a pointed tip. The blade, on the other hand, is a little more traditional but has a much bigger curve than a normal axe.

rebar axe

After the welding process, the body was formed. But to give the blade some extra weight and power behind its swings, the second piece of rebar was cut and welded into the front of the axe. The two pieces of rebar were then angle grinded together to create a single, solid blade.

rebar axe

The rest of the axe was grinded and sanded down as well, creating a polished yet industrial feel to it (it is made from rebar, after all). Lastly, a coil of rope was wrapped around the handle to give the user a solid grip.

rebar axe

Despite its delicate beauty, the thing manages to function as a cutting tool. Small and thin blocks of wood don’t stand a chance against it, but you might find it difficult to cut thicker and stronger materials with this decorative axe.


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