Although we’ve been seeing an increase in wooden bicycle concepts over the past few years, few have ever made it outside of the concept stage – and for many bicycle enthusiasts, this is for good reason. Despite the unarguable beauty of a handcrafted wooden bicycle frame, most designs have come across as purely that: aesthetics before function.

Aiming to make a more functional wooden bicycle frame with the potential for mass manufacturing, Amsterdam-based designer Paul Timmer has created a solid ash single speed cyclocross bicycle frame that he believes his strong enough to last the test of time similar to comparable metal single speed frames.

Titled “The Wooden Bike“, Timmer’s design is free from any veneer or plywood enhancements and focuses squarely on the natural materials that make up the build. Aside from the solid ash frame, the design also includes 3D printed aluminum components that are also of Timmer’s own design. According to Timmer, the natural properties of the wooden frame are able to absorb vibrations more effectively than more rigid frame materials. Additionally, Timmer has chosen to use a belt-drive system for propulsion that is not only lighter and more quiet than a metal chain, but also omits the need for grease which could easily damage the wood.



“I don’t use wood for some kind of temporary solutions, wood is the best construction material available,” says Timmer.

“It is the only construction material made by mother earth. this bike can be as strong as a steel one. but it has to be designed better than a steel bike. as always, the challenges are in the details.”



While the 11 KG bike may not hold up over time through multiple weather conditions and more aggressive terrains depending on your riding style, it’s hard to argue that as a simple summertime cruiser – it fits the bill.



Although this current design iteration is a one-off, Timmer is currently looking in to mass manufacturing possibilities. Stay updated over at


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