If you thought combining Keyboards and guitars was a neat way to spend your Saturdays, then you best prepare yourself.

The KeyMouse is the brainchild of two brothers from Utah who have brought together a mouse and keyboard into a complete and final product.

The concept was crafted to solve a common problem seen amongst gamers and CAD designers, that of constant movement between the mouse and the keyboard, in addition to the soreness that might accompany such movement. Since launching on Kickstarter, the KeyMouse has passed it’s $100,000 goal and is in its last hours.

Originally, I was skeptical of the design but the video shows that this is a very well thought-out product, designed with a lot of thought. The part that the palm rests on, for example, is user replaceable depending on hand-shape. The other key features (pun intended) is that there are keys everywhere. Volume, Pause/Play, F1-F12 … everything on your keyboard is on the KeyMouse. I can’t say without further tests, but the truly fat-fingered might not want this. But my fingers are slender, my wrists are sore and my time is limited, so yes, I believe I want this.


The KeyMouse is programmable, but not available for MacOS (yet – next version is promised). I would imagine that one hopes this device has easy-to-use programming – I once used a SpacePilot Pro and found the software really really frustrating to use, although this was a while back. One hopes that the KeyMouse brothers spend as much time prototyping their software as much as their hardware, which is to say the least, a lot. I love the fact that they bent what appears to be an Apple keyboard into a U – did they heat it up or something?

Campaign ends at the stroke of 1:59am, EST on Sunday, February 1st. Get on it while you still can!