We’ve covered a lot of Kenneth Smythe’s chair designs over the years. I’m always excited to see his emails with a new one, guessing it will be similar to previous chairs and completely surprised when I view it. The latest design is visual extrapolation of an emotionally and psychologically charged elitist pathology (ya got that?), with similarities to his previous design, TIME’S MOMENTUM.

In fact, you’ll see strict similarities across all of his chair design whether they’re made of wood, titanium, PVC or composite resin. His homage to antecedents is not to other designers, but to Fibonacci and Descartes, whose thinking has had an immense influence on his designs.

PRECIPITANT OF BEING II is a chair, a sculpture and a massive piece of jewelry. “[Comfort is a Given], (form embraces function) and the style is Baroque Modern (BaMo),” Ken tells us. I’m nearly positive this chair could be the definition of Baroque Modern, capturing the tension and exuberance of the post-Renaissance era with the simplicity and strong profile in modern design. The frame is titanium/nickel alloy with monel [nickel/copper alloy] pins and the 6 oz Latigo leather for the seating.

Kenneth has the design and schematics complete and is currently looking for a fabrication shop and underwriter to produce three prototypes and a limited edition series of 13.







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