What would you do without coffee? It made my skin nearly crawl off itself just writing that. It cannot be fathomed. Since we’ve snorted beans straight from a bag, inventors have been scheming better, faster ways to get coffee delivered into the system. I’m convinced we’ll have IV coffee shots, but until then there’s the single-serve brewers making mornings enjoyable. What if you don’t have a fancy pod poppin’ coffee machine though? What if you’re in an office with a regular old coffee brewer? The K-pod Coffee Converter takes care of that, turning any coffee maker into single-serving coffee delivering beast.

Joseph Pruitt came up with the idea, launching the product on Kickstarter setting to save the coffee drinking world several hundred dollars on fancy single-serve machines. Before we get into the details, there isn’t much time left on the project, so jump over now and help get this project funded!

Joeseph has the perfect background for product development–Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a Masters in Industrial Design from SCAD (Savannah, GA). He’s been in New Product Development (NPD) for about 10 years and typically helps companies launch products through design, engineering and manufacturing. Here’s what he shared with us about getting a Kickstarter project launched.

“The easy part for me is the development side. I’ve been working overseas as well with a supply chain of about 400 factories on large and small scale production, so that’s not trouble for me either. The hard part for me is getting the word out and doing the marketing on a small budget with pretty much no marketing experience 🙂 I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way (i.e. Instagram is not the place to market for Kickstarter projects).”

“I also work with small inventors from time to time helping them launch products. NPD is not easy to navigate, especially if you’ve never done it before (like the marketing side for me). It’s tough to connect practical and functional with something that people understand, is easy to use and connects with a person at the right level. All of that, plus the price has to be right and it has to be manufacturable–Not easy at all.”

“For this project, I’ve seen a lot of trends in NPD around single serve coffee products. It seemed like there was one major company at the top controlling the market, and it seemed like an interesting idea to be able to brew single serve coffee products in a regular brewer. After making some quick bench-top prototypes, the idea seemed feasible, so I pulled the design into SolidWorks where I hammered out the details. I made a few revisions before settling on the prototype you see in the video.”

“I wanted the object to look a little bit like an abstract version of an old school coffee sack with the top opened up–that was inspiration for the form. The final product is not a literal translation of that, but it helped me guide the design while staying within the geometric and functional constraints I was up against (i.e. the product had to fit in pretty much any coffee maker and also had to brew a K-cup product in a few minutes). From there, I prototyped the product using a small prototype shop I’ve been working with for a few years now. The rest has been wrestling the Kickstarter beast to the ground!”

There are still a few EARLY BIRD specials left on the K-pod campaign. You get the K-pod and the stainless steel holder you see lookin’ oh so sharp below, for $24. Estimated delivery is July 2014, just in time for those fall & winter holidays you should be planning for already. After the Early Bird deals are gone, you’ll get the K-pod for $24 and the K-pod + holder for $29. There’s less than a week left in the campaign, so head over, snag a K-pod and help Joseph reach his goal.





Josh is founder and editor at SolidSmack.com, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.