Have you ever fought with gravity in order to get your iphone into a hands-free position where you watch the screen and use your hands for more important tasks like cracking lobster shells or defusing bombs? Now you can! with Breffo’s new Gumstick smartphone stand you can support any smartphone on the market with a stand that is compact enough to stick in your pocket. The stand is about the size of a pack of gum when it is flat (hence the name) In order to use it you just bend it into whatever shape you need to hold your phone at the correct angle. Constructed of steel wrapped in a seamless rubbery polymer to provide strength and grip.

A Better Smartphone Stand?


While the stand is quite elegant and truly a clever solution to the problem of phone balance, I worry about the durability of the steel core. As we all know steel doesn’t mind bending a few times but it is prone to break after too many flexes and Breffo is pretty vague about the stand’s durability. A good sign is that Breffo also makes the Spiderpodium, which has gotten nothing but great reviews since its release a couple years ago. The Gumstick will come in a bunch of different colors including limited edition metallics to match your new gold iphone 5s or in my case, gold lame hot shorts:

Their campaign page says that they will be shipping the stands by the end of December so you better pledge now if you want to ring in a new year with more efficient lobster cracking and bomb defusing!

(Images via Breffo)