From paring tomatoes to slicing through thick bread crust, few tools are as valuable in the kitchen as a sharp and reliable knife set. In fact, connecting with a great knife set is so important, it’s one of the few kitchen tools culinary schools require their students to purchase on their own. And while there are plenty of great knives out there worthy of a spot on your kitchen counter, the Ceramic Onyx collection from Edge of Belgravia is just as deserving of its good looks as it is for blade reliability.

Conceived of by designer Christian Bird and inspired by Paleolithic flint tools, the lightweight knifes combine a sturdy grip with a razor sharp blade capable of outlasting steel. According to the company, the high–tech zirconium oxide blades are second to diamond in hardness, keeping these blades sharp for years whereas a cheap steel knife may be dull after only a month of use.

So if you’ve ever wanted to emulate the smooth and consistent cutting styles of award-winning sushi chefs, this set right here just might be what you need—while also adding an eye-catching sculptural element next to your toaster. Of course, none of this comes cheap—although as far as kitchen tools go, knives are considered by many to be the most worthy investment.

While the angular floating knife block itself is just $108 (and can theoretically hold any existing knife set)—the actual Ceramic Onyx knives will set you back a sharp $405, for a total of $513 for the complete Ceramic Onyx set. Learn more over at Edge of Belgravia.


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