While the marketplace is flooded with design books of all shapes and sizes, it’s only every so often that a ‘Holy Grail” industrial design book pops up. The ambitious Industrial Design in the Modern Age—out this month from Rizzoli—is one of them.

Told through more than 4,000 selected industrial design objects from the Kravis Design Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the collection begins in 1900 and spans through to present day. As one might expect, everybody from Henry Dreyfuss to Charles Eames and Marc Newson to Jony Ive is covered in this comprehensive collection — a must for any design nerd.


“Destined to become a new classic in the design genre, this major work summarizes an enormous topic—the creation of everyday objects for mass production and consumption from 1900 to the present—and shows how these products have become both symbols of the modern age and harbingers of our future,” explains the publisher. “It covers the work of the heroes of modern and post-modern design, from the early pioneers to the leaders in the field today.”

With more than 400 photographs taken with a focus on precise details, the concise collection of our industrial design history is both one of the most comprehensive and most accessible.

While the book can be purchased today for $85.00 (or on sale at Amazon for $56.51), Rizzoli is generously offering a 76-page preview online — so go check it out.


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