I’ve considered a 24 hour Inception marathon – watching it attached to the ceiling whilst eating large quantities of burritos inside of burritos inside of burritos. Instead, I think I’ll just stare at this wonderfully cool Inception Chair design for a few hours and call it done. Created by Vivian Chui from a fine specimen of Ash, it’s a full size chair that can be assembled and disassembled. It’s all you need to complete your Inception theme workspace and will make you wonder where cool furniture design begins and where it ends and where it begins and where it ends.

Taking the chair archetype and placing within it chairs that are progressively smaller. Each chair has hand cut grooves on the inside edges of its seat frame as well as notches in the seat back. These grooves range from 1/2” wide to 1/8” wide. The mechanism works so that the pegs fit into the grooves of the chair one size bigger and slides into place so that the horizontal edge between the chair seat and back line up. The simple mechanism allows the chairs to be taken apart and put together with ease.

Vivian Chui via MocoLoco


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