60 cubic inches of usable space that is. At least that’s what I thought until at sat down.

I’m sitting in a corner with a 24″ LCD pushed up against the sides of the wall. Forget that it’s in a dirty basement with tortured screams and no sunlight. Now, I’m imagining this screen stretched and curved about. More screen, more space up front for coffees and pistachio shells to pile up. Now, I’m thinking touch since it’s a Mac.

I’m ready for something to change how I work.

I am really impressed by how this thing looks and I’m probably as infatuated with the possibilities of curved monitors as any other tech geek, but this one still seems like a dream, especially since SolidWorks is still PC-based. (ps. I know about basecamp and vmware.)



Via Yanko: my new favorite design blog


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