Once you get past the phase of trying to impress others by bending 1/2″ plywood in your new swimsuit, take the uncomfortable onlookers into an air-conditioned room and show them this fabulous chair. The Eira Chair is designed by Rafael Fernández, Product designer and co-owner of Oitenta, a two-man product design and development studio in Coruña, Spain. We at SolidSmack prefer the solid, industrial look of wood chairs to the cushy, multi-adjustable office chairs on most days. Plus, this chair just screams of DIY appeal that set us off looking for form our own bent plywood furniture. First, more detail on this fabulous piece from Oitenta.


The Eira Chair

Is that chair made of eucalyptus wood, you ask? Why yes, it is. The Eira Chair is seven pieces of masterfully formed eucalyptus wood laminate. As hard as it looks, the surfaces of the seat and the back actually flex when one is seated.


On top of that, it’s easily assemble and disassembled with only 16 hex-head blot attachments. With a size of 31.5 x 29.5 x 31.5 inches (80 x 75 x 80 cm) and a natural matte varnish, it’s made to fit in a variety of settings, be it your office, bedroom or Hookah lounge. The price is $1200 US (905.00€), purchased through their online store and ships from Spain. From Rafael:

Inspired by great iconic designers such as the Eames or Mies Van der Rohe, I wanted to design a great seat. A piece of furniture that doesn´t stand out simply because of its appearance but because of its functionality, its originality and, above all, because of its great comfort. I wanted to find a new way to bring comfort to a seat without having to use soft surfaces or cushions. So I thought of the idea of flexibility, which ended up becoming the main idea from our design is born. This is why our Eira chair looks so characteristic. Its design is based in individual bent wood pieces, in a way that the flexibility of the material itself provides a great comfort. Eira is a seat conceived to occupy a special place in the lounge and so, becoming your favorite seating. Also, because of its elegant, original and innovative design, it can be placed in any ambient being a protagonist in hotel big lounge decoration, waiting rooms and offices or restaurants.





Do it Yourself?

Buying a designer bent wood chair may be pricey, but for those who are handy, the process can be done quite easily as we have found. Now, forming plywood may seem a bit of an arduous task. While access to a hydraulic press with perfectly matching molds is ideal, you can construct your own plywood veneer lay-ups with hand-made molds. One way to do this is using particle board to make a two-part mold assembly, using clamps to hold the mold together against the plywood veneer lay-up. You can find veneer on a variety of websites in a variety of styles, starting at $1.00 per sq ft. for domestic veneers, going up to $10.00 per sq ft for more exotic and designer veneers. Certainlywood.com or your local home store is a good place to start. A recommended glue to adhere the plys together is DAP Weldwood Plastic Resin Glue.

Phil Seaton is an Architect who has created an Instructable showing the process he went through to create a bent plywood night stand. It’s an 11-step process, the results are absolutely beautiful and the same method can be applied to making other furniture like tables, shelfs or even the Eira Chair.


Images: Oitenta / Coroflot
Via: Yanko


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