For those in the market for a new desk toy, your future just became 1,210 LEGO blocks brighter. LEGO has announced a new building kit specifically aimed at adults (or very mature youngfolk) that focuses on the principles of design and architecture. Nope, this isn’t a specific model like other LEGO Architecture kits. This is an adults-only LEGO bin ladies and gents. Prepare to feel the sweet pain of stepping on a LEGO brick with your bare foot all over again.

Lego Architecture Studio Kit


Releasing August 1st and available through the LEGO Online Store, the all-new Lego Architecture Studio will feature a total of 1,210 bricks made up of 73 different block designs. Perhaps what’s most exciting however, is that there isn’t any ‘specific’ model to be built with the kit—it encourages tinkering. Included with the kit is a 272-page guide book filled with architecture designs and tips including information on concepts such as scale, symmetry, mass, density, space and section, and more. Written in collaboration with leading architects, the book will also include some guided exercises for those who appreciate the challenge of building a specific LEGO model.

The adult LEGO toolkit will be available at $150 per kit starting August 1st.


  • Includes 1210 white and transparent LEGO® bricks, sorting trays and an inspirational 272-page guidebook
  • Guidebook includes tips, techniques, features and intuitive hands-on exercises
  • Use the monochromatic bricks to help you learn the fundamentals of architectural design in a LEGO context
  • Endorsed by REX architecture, Sou Fujimoto Architects, SOM, MAD Architects, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, and Safdie Architects
  • Guidebook written in collaboration with leading architects and edited by Christopher Turner
  • Be inspired by world-renowned architects
  • Release your inner architect and explore a world of endless creative possibilities

(Images via LEGO)


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