After what I’ve just seen, I feel as if I could point my hand at a simmering pool of metal and shape it with the power of my mind. Dutch Designer Jólan van der Wiel is practically doing just that. He’s created a process (and a machine) to pull a metallic-formulated resin from a liquid state, curing it into the forms you see below within a half hour. You’ll have to see the process Jólan goes through to truly appreciate it. It’s the most beautiful, organic formations of a small furniture piece I’ve ever seen.

Jólan van der Wiel’s Gravity stool

Jólan’s Gravity stool was a Graduate project that has gone on to win first place for the Interior Innovation Award for the D3 Contest at imm cologne 2012. The idea behind the stool is a departure of how everyting is affected by gravity, using magnetism against the natural law and with the opposing forces shaping the magnificent stools.

“It is the combination of the magnet machine with the plastic material, developed especially for this purpose, that enabled Jólan to start a small but efficient chain of production. The forms and products are characterized by the freakisch and organic shapes that are so typical of nature itself.”

From the activity on his site, he has in mind to make other gravity defying creations. I for one would like to see a larger magnet machine and the process of churning out a full size chair… or building.

via SpicyTec


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