You can get a pretty good workout walking 18-holes and whacking balls all day, but grab a cart and you can forget about that 10,000 step goal on your Fitbit. Hate the cart, but want something slightly more dangerous? Meet the GolfBoard, perfect for golfers who can’t sit or surfers who hung up the board a pair of knickers.

Co-founded by Don Wildman, founder of Bally’s Total Fitness, and world-class surfer Laird Hamilton, the GolfBoard is a motorized board that aims to be faster, more efficient and more hip than the traditional golf cart. Golfers can ride the board, standing three different ways: bag mount with stability handle, classic carry when you want to carry the bag, and free ride when you’re playing through with a single club.

The design team began with the basic build of a skateboard, then began building electric, four-wheel drive, mountain boards. They wanted to make sure the board was sturdy enough for places where there are a lot of hills and unpaved roads, but reliable and easy to control. Prototypes were made from modified MBS mountain boards paired with a high-performance electric airplane motor to control each of the four wheels. The batteries and controllers were then placed on top or bottom of the board decks. The prototypes helped them further develop the board, though they were unreliable. Years later they began finalized the design for the GolfBoard, launched it through a successful Kickstarter campaign and have people and courses using them all around the world.


Some of the features of the GolfBoard include a steering damper for added stability when making sharp turns, a 15″ wide deck for easy steering, a stand up handlebar, 4WD gearbox, and easy to remove/replace tired and rims. The board also comes with a handheld controller allowing users to go forwards, backwards, accelerate, and decelerate. The GolfBoard uses automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries for optimized energy density, thermal management, and safety. It has a minimum range of 18 holes per charge, perfect for a whole day of golf or one hour trying to spin out of a sand trap.

The GolfBoard is a different no doubt, claiming to “change the way you experience golf.” If we got our hands on one, I can guarantee it will change the way YOU experience golf. It’s quite the luxury, but lack the ability to hang tassels around the roof-line like traditional golf carts. Both get you from one hole to the next, but that GolfBoard is sure to make your golfing buddies jealous.

Courses and Country Clubs are already adding them as transportation options, and you can snag one yourself (or lease) for $6,500 out the door. While it’s a cool ride, you just can’t trick it out like a golf out. But hey, since we’re at it, let’s just mount one of these to the side of our cart and have the best of both worlds. DONE.

I see those motorized skateboards at retail stores for around $100. I think some clever SolidSmack readers know what I’m thinking.





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