Hubless motorcycles, people. Some designs are awesome. Others are so badass, they make your skin tighten around your face and leather chaps instantly appear on your leg meats. The Indian Gorilla V4 is no exception and is one of the coolest examples of two-wheeled engineering design and vehicular magnificence you’ll find. It also happens to be a current project being developed by the community on the Forge at Local Motors. Here’s a look.

Indian Gorilla V4

Vasilatos Ianis has been designing for 17 years and if you’ve seen his portfolio on Coroflot you know he loves vehicle design and has the incredible ability to create amazing vehicle concepts with particularly focus on the wheels, and the possibilities that lie within, to make them both functional and absolutely striking. The Indian Gorilla V4 is a concept he has submitted to the Local Motors community for crowdsourcing development. With Indian motorcycles being an iconic brand and the Gorilla V4 a hubless design, you can imagine it’s garnered a lot of interest.

“The idea includes both technical soltions taken from the rich history of Indian motorcycles and new and futuristic solutions that defines the concept. The american retro style look of the 60’s, Gorilla V4 is a combination of a muscular bike with delicate detailing like the old look instrumentations placed on both handgrips. The motorcycle is powered by a massive V4 engine covered with panels and old fashion style ventilation grilles, numbered cylinders, big exhaust pipes, sporty driving possition, 32 inch tires, hubless wheels, large amount of chrome parts and external tubular frame structure. Indian Gorilla V4 is the dream bike for a dream ride.”

The design is modeled and rendered in 3ds Max. In the comments there’s already a lot of discussion on the hubless design and the options for getting it in working order. Local Motors has a great story of bringing the Rally Fighter concept to life through crowdsourcing the design. It would be excellent to see a two-wheeled vehicle, and more specifically, this incredible looking motorbike, brought to market.

Via Local Motors


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