I was really excited about this project (and still am) but Kickstarter has left a bad taste in my mouth with their silly policy change banning product renderings and simulations. That said, I’ll focus on the excitement I have for a project I jumped on earlier last week. Boys have robots, LEGO, and a ton of other engineering related fun that doesn’t look frilly, pink or attach much emotion beyond, DON’T TOUCH MY TOYZ, RRAAAGHHH!!! Debbie Sterling, a Staford Engineer is set to change that. GoldieBlox is a project she launched a couple weeks ago that hit the $150,000 goal over the weekend.

GoldieBlox for Girls

You may be thinking, “Don’t they make LEGOS for girls?” Yeah, they do, but they don’t approach it like Debbie does. Debbie researched how to get girls to like a construction toy and found out that it comes down to this, “Boys like building, girls like reading.” She’s wrapping a story around the engineering principals shown throughout the book and realized in the build of the toy. It’s the perfect mix of art and application and I’m excited my daughter will be experiencing “GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine” instead of chasing the pink LEGO blocks that are being launched through the air by her brothers. There’s still plenty of time to get in on the opportunity. I have no doubt you’ll see this in the store isles later on as well.


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