It takes a lot of determination, bravery, and selflessness to be a firefighter. It also takes good amount of strength considering all the tools they have to lug around, not to mention their heavy duty PPE suits that can weigh 45 pounds alone. You want to get the job done fast. So, what if there was a tool that was easy to carry and saved precious time in an emergency?

FROST axe, aka the ‘First Responder On Scene Tools’ axe, is such a tool. Built by TradLabs in Seattle, WA, it looks like a standard axe, but with the extras to make all the difference.

Think of it as a the Swiss Army knife of axes; it combines seven common fire fighting tools in one. Since it’s made out of a solid sheet of AR400 steel–the same metal used in construction equipment and vehicle armor–and has a handle made of fire resistant material, the axe is ideal for various glass shattering, door breaking or wall busting tasks, while taking as little damage as possible. Here’s how the first cut is made using an industrial waterjet.

Each part of the axe is specially designed for a different job. The head has a 45-degree cutting head to increase blunt force, which keeps it from getting stuck and prevents the blade from chipping or deforming on hard materials like concrete. The hammer cap on the head allows the axe to be used as a hammer or ram. The pick is made forcible entry and demolition, with a safety lug that prevents over-penetration in softer materials and a cutter that helps fire fighters remove car windshields. On top of all that, the head of the axe is also designed for hose and manifold couplers in all four of the sizes currently in use.


The butt of axe comes with a pry bar, which can be driven into windows gaps or door frames, and serves as a self-rescue attach point that also doubles as a hydrant and utility wrench.

Not only does it reduce the amount of tools a firefighter needs to carry, but it’s also considerably light, weighing in at eight pounds at 35 inches long. This tool has the potential to save more lives, including the lives of firefighters since everything they need will already be in their hands. In situations like a household fire, time is of the essence. Anything that can give these people more of it is definitely worth it. The FROST is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and has only reached $10,000 out of its $30,000 goal. If you want this to get into the hands of firefighters right away, head over to the campaign and show your support. You can even get your own with the price starting at $295 ($595 for two).

I still can’t believe there isn’t more support for this ax. Hey, what are state laws on axes in an EDC situation?






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