Walls. Love ’em or hate ’em, they just look better with something on them. Unless you’re still 15 years old, that Pearl Jam poster just isn’t going to cut it anymore. For those who’ve been wondering what the heck to put on their walls, we just might have the solution – and best of all, it’s free.

Recently, How a Car Works – a website dedicated to publishing illustrated automobile guides – made the most out of eight classic patents and have “remastered” them into usable poster designs that, framed or not, are ideal for a designer or engineer’s office, conference room or workshop.

“A few weeks ago we remastered eight iconic patents, printed them onto A3 paper and framed them in Ikea RIBBA frames,” explains the website.

“Google Patents is a treasure trove, but the images are too low resolution for a good print. We’ve made the high resolution versions available for you to download.”


The total cost for each of the printed posters including the frames? Just $8.

The eight designs in the collection so far include iconic designs including the Lego brick, the Slinky, the light bulb and the first jet engine, among others. Currently, the website is looking for submissions for other printable patent drawings if you have something in mind.

To download and print your own free posters, head over to How a Car Works.


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