If you’re part of a minibus fanclub or have often thought of joining an electric minibus revolution, this new concept from design group Entastudio, may make the cut to go on all your event flyers. Oktay Türkoglu and Ramazan Kaya are the founders of the studio, heading up the five person group based out of Turkey. We spoke with Ramazan and have a closer look at their process.

EntaStudio Minibus concept

Entastudio has quite a few interesting takes on the future of vehicle design, so why a minibus?

“As with every country in the process of expansion, the number of electric vehicles began to increase in our country. With the support of electric vehicle technology from manufacturers, the EntaStudio minibus was created to adapt to the transportation needs of society. Minimum energy, Maximum power and an environmentally-friendly vehicle.”

After the cost calculation and market research they went down the path of selecting materials and creating the concepts. The sketching, discovering the design, is their favorite part of the entire process. The team used SolidWorks for the 3D modeling and KeyShot for the 3D rendering. They even went as far as to develop a scale model of the minibus for presentation to investors.

You can see of their work with updates on the minibus project on the EntaStudio Facebook page.


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