Tough, durable, long-lasting toys were almost nonexistent in my household when I was growing up. Transformers often lost their limbs after a month or so, G.I. Joes normally went to war without their weapons and “Have you seen the pieces to my new Lego set?” was a question routinely heard by my parents and siblings.

That’s not to say there weren’t any toys that could last a lifetime. That’s certainly so with the solid design behind toys from Tonka, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price (all of which are likely to be found intact during some archeological dig 1,000 years in the future). California-based ThoughtFull Toys wants to add their name to the roster with the introduction of their Enduro toy vehicles.

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Both the Enduro Truck and Racer were designed using sustainable and recyclable materials including aluminum, wood, natural rubber, Zamak (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper), recycled plastic and leather remnants. They also feature the patented Modarri steering system–true steering capabilities using rack and tie rods for added maneuverability, combined with wheel bearings and bushings for a smooth ride. How do they stand up to play? Have a look:

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ThoughtFull also gave both vehicles a suspension system with the Truck outfitted with a heavy-duty leaf spring system with rubber center structure to handle shock while the Racer uses a spring-actuated platform to handle tighter turning radius. Both the steering and suspension systems were derived from ThoughtFull’s Modarri modular line of vehicles, which lets you swap-out parts to better suit the driving surface.

The design breakdown of the Enduro Truck, complete with leaf spring suspension system.
The design breakdown of the Enduro Truck, complete with leaf spring suspension system.

The idea behind ThoughtFull’s Enduro line was to bring back the durable car toys from the past and give them a modern look while also being easy on planetary resources and environment. To get materials and manufacturing off the ground, ThoughtFull launched a Kickstarter campaign and met their funding goal shortly after launch meeting their $20K goal with little under two weeks left to go.

Judging from the reputation of the Modarri line being a high-quality product and the build quality of the new Enduro line, it’s a safe bet the vehicles could handle the rigors of being launched off stairs, dragged through mud tracks and repeated head-on collisions without suffering a total loss. Those looking to get their hands on both the Truck and Racer can pledge $60 or more, and at that tier, ThoughtFull Toys will donate one of their Modarri cars to charity, so it’s a win-win for everybody.






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