When I was growing up, our house was filled with plants. We had a huge greenhouse on the side of the house that I would explore and play in. My mother is a horticulturalist and plants have always interested me, as well as the greenhouses.

These greenhouses and conservatories, designed by Alitex in SolidWorks are simply works of art. I wish I could get one for mum. I’m not sure how easy that would be since they are located in the U.K. with no US distributor.

Besides being beautiful, they are immaculate specimens of design ingenuity. Their engineering overview reads like a menu for a succulent evening meal at the chateau.

The finished greenhouses are composed of precisely engineered aluminum extrusions, sustained by stainless steel fixings, combining to create excellent structural integrity with a clean interior uncluttered by excessive supports.

Yeah, spread some butter on that and check out these shots.







Source: Yahoo Business


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