The last time I saw something this lovable and all together creepy, Sigourney Weaver was watching mama Alien get sucked through a quarter-size hull breach. Shown at the D3 in New York as part of the exhibit earlier this month, the ‘Autonomous Living Unit’ by Eduardo McIntosh, is the all-in-one

The idea? That this chair would be installed in shanty town shacks and run down buildings to… “provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human being.” Like surround sound, tubes and uncomfortable child-birthing positions.

The Autonomous Living Unit
Have a good look at the photos. In the future, perhaps after the apocalyptic event of your choice, you’ll pretty much live in a chair. Obviously, this isn’t the most practical of product design concepts to serve your self-governing ideals. There’s just not enough tubes. However, the practicality of it all is beat down by the form and the thought of a device like this being used to add aspects of sustainability to life.

Eduardo McIntosh
As much as this future living concept could be criticized, you can tell the designer, Eduardo McIntosh, clearly has a great way of forming elements of product design from an architectural perspective. His talent and inspiration is even more evident in his architectural submission as a graduate student at Columbia University (GASPP).

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