Eventually, the dishes just pile up so high in the sink you spray them with the nearest alcoholic beverage and light them on fire. When you see the result is only a light charring, out comes the broom handle you use to awkwardly jam them down the garbage disposal. There’s a better way, a better design, that make all that work much less destructive.

Jinwoo Han and the Ahha Project have single-handedly removed the pain of washing the dishes by single-handedly removing… the bottom of the sink. The resultant hole isn’t the entrance to hades however. Below the sink is the dishwasher with all the rack space needed to wash your eco-friendly cares away.

It’s called the Electrolux Pure Washer – Eco Automatic Sink and.. it’s simply brilliant. Not only does it save time in stacking and racking, it also saves that precious dish water you use to rinse before the racking. Plus, you can toss fruit, veggies, perhaps even your children in for a quick scrubbing. I’m working on finding out what software and process they used to design the sink. In the meantime, take a look at the concepts.

Via Yanko Design


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