Come May 21st and you should be queuing up the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for a trip down fantasy lane. The fast and furious will get treated a lineup of seventeen select cars that are catch-phrased “Dream Cars”. Sarah Schleuning, the High’s Curator of Decorative Arts and Design are proud to showcase concept cars like the BMW Gina, the 1935 Bugatti “Aerolith”, and the 33 inch-tall wedge-shaped car ‘Stratos hf Zero’ amongst others.

Considered to be an important exhibition in the arena of automotive design evolution, the lineup has been carefully planned to showcase some key innovative elements. The bizarre shaped Stout Scarab is one design that raises many brows as far as fluid lines and aerodynamics are concerned.

Dream car

BMW Gina Light Visionary Model, 2001 – Christopher Bangle

The “Dream Cars” are from the early 1930s to the 21st century and are known to push the buttons on imagination. We have for you a sneak-peak of eight cars that will be exhibited from May 21st to September 7th 2014.

Dream car2

Norman Timbs Special, 1947 – Norman Timbs

The quintessential BMW Gina is as sharp as a shark and stokes ones curiosity about metal in car design. A total of seventeen concept cars from across Europe and the U.S., which stand as a landmark in terms of rarity and most imaginative cars designed, also include Ferrari, General Motors and Porsche cars.

Dream car3

Stout Scarab, 1936 – William B. Stout

Dream car4

L’oeuf Electrique, 1942 – Fabricated by Paul Arzens

Dream car5

Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo, 1970 – Paolo Martin

Dream car6

Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X ‘Gilda’ 1955 – Giovanni Savonuzzi and Virgil Exner

Dream car7

Lancia (Bertone) Stratos HF Zero, 1970 – Marcello Gandini

Dream car8

General Motors Firebird I XP-21, 1953 – Harley J. Earl, Robert F. ‘Bob’ McLean, and GM styling section staff