Although there are plenty of iconic furniture designs that are so recognizable that even non industrial designers can easily call them by name, few are as recognizable as the original Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, which was released in 1956 by designers Charles and Ray Eames.

The chair and ottoman set, which is the result of Charles and Ray’s investigations into molding plywood and a desire to improve upon existing lounge chairs, became an icon nearly immediately when it was released and continues to be sold extensively around the world.

Inspired by the unmistakable molded plywood and black aesthetic, Danish speaker company Davone’s Davone Ray-S speaker set seamlessly combines the design features and materials of the lounge chair with top-quality audiophile technology to create a uniquely functional design beyond just the aesthetics.



“Function follows form in this innovative design. Eliminating parallel surfaces helps to reduce internal cancellations. The curved laminations of real wood is much stiffer than the fiber board construction you see on most speakers. Our leather baffle provides a unique look and a purpose in even diffraction. A true work of art to the eye and the ear.”


While the company previously designed a similar speaker in 2011, the Ray, the updated design features updated and finely-tuned audio components based off of feedback from the original design.

Needless to say, going up against an industrial design icon isn’t an easy task, yet Davone seems to have pulled it off. Find out more by heading over to Davone.


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