When high-school students get bored it can only lead to one thing… The design of a new, fully-articulating prosthetic leg made from bike parts that cost a fraction of a professionally manufactured leg. Parker Owen’s Saturday night boredom turned into looking at picture on the Internet… pictures of bicycle schematics and prosthetic design. Now, he has a provisional patent on the prosthetic leg, plans to make more and the goal to take several with him on a summer mission trip to Honduras where he’ll manufacture 20-30 additional legs over the week-long trip.


Parker is a student at the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS). In the video below, Parker says, “I don’t really see this as the next big thing or the greatest invention in the world.” Well Parker. We’re pretty sure that the thousands of people who are going to benefit from this in the future will think so. The first leg prototype took him 5 hours to build. It uses the seat and seat post for the foot, ankle and lower leg with intertubes acting as the tendon and muscles. He’s built adjustablility into the design with both the tension and length able to accommodate the wearer.

Of course, this prosthetic, as it is, would have a tough time meeting the Class I medical device regulations in the United States, but it certainly would be possible for Parker to create a similar design using similar materials in order to register the device through the FDA. If anyone has been through this process or can provide some insight for him, please contact him through ASMS.









Thanks to Jason Foutch for sending this in!
Source/Images: Alabama.com


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