Designing a door seems like the simplest thing you could attempt right? A panel, some holes, and a bit of glass. Contemporary door design makes it even easier with all the straight lines. These doors from Swedish designer Snickarper caught my attention though.

It’s not so much the style, but the way the elements are located and how simple it would be to create really unique door designs quickly in a parametric 3D modeling program like SolidWorks.

I do some custom door designs for VIP aircraft that seem more complicated than a small car engine at times, so designing a contemporary interior or exterior door for a house seems simple. Seeing these designs also just clears my head. Have you ever taken on a design idea? Could you design a door?

After it’s designed
The problem is usually what to do after you’ve created a design – the manufacturing. I found one place in the US that could probably help you. Crestview Doors in Austin, Texas does some custom door and they have a lot of the modern styles as well. They’re all hand-crafted though and not the cheapest you’ll find.

If you’re looking for a cheaper, local route, look up mills or woodworking in your area. They will usually cut to size and know where to get certain types of wood. Go for it.

Contemporist via Yanko Design


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