UK-based brothers Simon and Chris Parke surely have an appetite for underwater exploration adventure. Their S.C.P. Marine Innovation Limited is a Portsmouth based start-up dedicated to the powered marine action sports category and the two have just launched a ShareIn campaign for a wearable propulsion system that utilizes high-performance marine thrusters mounted on the user’s forearms…effectively allowing a user to ‘fly’ underwater to save that damsel pool toy in distress.

Powered marine action sports are certainly on the upswing as jet skis have become more versatile for different users, as well as the introduction of entirely new experiences such as the gravity-defying FlyBoard:


Using the new equity-share crowdfunding platform ShareIn, the brothers have announced that they plan on launching the jet pack in 2014 with the help of a few investors (that’s you!). Their ‘x2 Underwater Jet Pack’ prototype is a forearm-mounted dual-propulsion system that generates enough thrust to launch the rest of your body all over the pool (or ocean/lake/river) based on specific arm movements. To power the pack, the brothers have integrated a state-of-the-art digital motor with a wireless control system and lithium batteries.

“The weightless environment underwater provides amazing potential for acrobatic stunts and freedom of movement,” said Simon Parke, co-inventor and co-founder, S.C.P. Marine Innovation. “The optimum position when using other technology is to hold it out directly in front of you, but this often means that the thrust is directed straight at the user. The x2 Underwater Jet Pack is worn on the outer arms and is fast, maneuverable, un-tethered, and frankly redefines underwater propulsion.”

Future-Concept Fitting-x2-Underwater-Jet-Pack-System


Hydra-Isometric View-x2-Underwater-Jet-Pack



While not as powerful as the popular Flyboard (which is powered by a jetski engine), it certainly gives those who prefer to ‘fly’ underwater a whole new way to scuba or freedive. After 18 months of development, the brothers are hoping to bring the pack to fruition via ShareIn and are expecting the final product to cost around £3500 ($5700).

(Images via S.C.P. Marine Innovation Limited)


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