Some love the therapeutic nature of it; others entirely loathe it. Either way, one thing is for sure: vacuuming is vital to keeping your space clean.

But from an ergonomics standpoint, many vacuum designs leave plenty to be desired. One subtle—yet common—ache caused by vacuuming is wrist ache, which comes from twisting your hand in weird angles while carrying the weight of a large suction tube.

CANE, created by industrial designers Joongho Choi, Hyunsoo Choi, and Junho Shin, aims to fix sore wrists by implementing walking cane-like features into one of the most overlooked parts of a vacuum – the handle.

While most vacuum handles exist as some variation of a straight vertical plastic bar, the CANE vacuum’s handle is U-shaped and can be held in multiple positions—no matter the job at hand. In turn, this allows vacuum practitioners to adjust their grip on the vacuum when trying to reach hard-to-clean areas like under your bed or that negative space in the universe—AKA behind your refrigerator.

Apart from the simple change in handle geometry, the vacuum is completely wireless and features a charging stand as well as a couple of additional nozzles.

The product is purely in a conceptual stage right now, but with legions of baby boomers becoming more and more acclimated to smart, ergonomic devices, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this on store shelves one day. In the meantime, you can read the full design story over on Behance.


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