Over the past 30 years, the landscape of video controller design has been nearly just as colorful as the varieties of game options that they are controlling.

When comparing the simplistic directional pad and two-button layouts of some of the earliest controller designs to the more ‘smart’ (and complicated) designs seen in today’s Playstation and XBox offerings, it’s easy to overlook just how similar the hand positions have been over the years despite the radical changes in the controller designs themselves.

Photographer and Art Director Javier Laspiur recently released a photo collection where he explores not only the product design history of some iconic video game controllers, but also the way in which they were held. The 30-year design evolution starts with 1983’s Teletennis and culminates with a 2013 Playstation Vita.

With word on the street that Virtual Reality is set to make a big impact on the near-future of gaming, who knows what a similar photo project might look like thirty years from now?

Anybody down for a round of Duck Hunt?












Check out more of Laspiur’s creative work over at Jlaspiur.com.


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