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Have you ever surrounded yourself in wood building blocks, then jumped out and scared the cleaning lady? No? It’s good fun. The only thing that would make it better is these. This is the Blockitecture Garden City building set. They smell of pine wood and are the brainchild of James Paulius, an artist who believes that building design products should integrate the individual with his existing environment, and thus help him enhance creativity, like when you cocoon yourself inside them and frighten people.

These eye-catching blocks sprouted from the original Blockitecture blocks–a set of polygonal nesting blocks designed to create towers, cities and dwellings, and hand-painted to recall Brutalist architecture in urban structures. The Garden Blocks however, bring in that which is missing in most urban settings–green. Green trees and green grass… and a blue tree here and there. These take the building up a notch adding elongated blocks to create cantilever landscapes and towering abodes immersed amongst the green of trees.

“When I started thinking about the newest expansion of Blockitecture®, Blockitecture® Garden City, I wanted people to create and explore their own world through play. I especially wanted this world to be optimistic, hopeful, and uplifting. It’s always refreshing for me to see buildings with greenery, especially in the mostly concrete New York City where I’m living.”

I with you James. Shame on those people who want the world to be ugly and pessimistic. James at his optimistic best has immersed greenery against the blocky contrast of Brutalist Architecture. Though simple, the blocks introduce the aspect of landscape that is often forgotten by 3-8 year old budding architects who should know better… Who am I kidding, these are going to look great sitting on a shelf in my office high out of the reach of any children.

How much? The Blockitecture Garden City set retails for $75 USD online at Areaware and comes in a very sturdy cloth bag.


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