It’s no secret that having fun, brightly-colored toys scattered across one’s desk can perk up anybody’s work environment. Perhaps nobody knows this better than one of the pioneers of designer toys and founder of Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz. Heck, even MoMA carries over a dozen of his designs in their permanent collection. So what’s his secret? In a unique class offering using the popular SkillShare platform, Budnitz is preparing to show the world how you can sketch and create your own unique designer toys—so get your 3D printer ready and clear off some desk space already.

Design a Toy Collection With Paul Budnitz

Having started his first company selling modified Levis and Air Jordans while still an undergrad, Budnitz is no stranger to the world of business. Today, that empire has grown to over a dozen business endeavors that range from publishing books to building urban bicycles.


But despite his various projects, Budnitz will always be known as the founder of Kidrobot—a company so well-marketed in the designer toy world that everybody from a two-year old in a high chair to some of the world’s best designers (and CEOs) collect various toys from the Kidrobot collection. Budnitz is also responsible for one of the first mass-marketed DIY projects in the form of a toy: the MUNNY figure.


For those looking to follow in the the footsteps of Budnitz and become a part of ‘one of the few truly original worldwide art movements in the last two decades’, be sure to check out the $19 class starting this Wednesday October 16th. According to the SkillShare site, Budnitz will cover everything from sharing his own experience creating toys with Kidrobot, what makes a toy design unique, the history of designer toys from 1998 to present, how to sketch and design your own toy, and how to ride your design to a finished piece of art. Additionally, the SkillShare platform will allow for students to post their designs and get feedback from Budnitz as well as fellow students. Not too shabby for $19!





Check out more Kidrobot here and to sign up for the class, head over to Skillshare.

(Images via Kidrobot)


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