There are some robots that take me back to my childhood, like this skateboard-mounted, paint-spraying graffiti machine whipping an arduino-driven pendulum arm around. Not that I went around spray-painting objects, but that I was often attached to a pendulum arm, but who wasn’t, right? It’s just the sort of thing that may have inspired So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi to create this artsy automaton. The Senseless drawing bot is an art installation, and as with all art installations of this variety, interprets the act of vandalism in a pure, programmatic fashion.

Senseless Drawing Bot

“This work takes advantage of the chaotic motion of the double pendulum, drawing an abstract and dynamically line in real time using a spray. It is a self-generated drawing machine. Consisting in a double pendulum, a motorized skateboard modified to determine the orientation of the pendulum by the rotary encoder attached to the fulcrum of the pendulum.”– So Kanno

Now if that doesn’t add up to hours of fun, I don’t know what does. Hit the video below to get the full experience.

images via takahiro Tamaguchi by Yohei Yamakami
via Designboom


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