Whether or not Apple actually makes a self-driving car for the masses or not, perhaps just as interesting is what the company would envision a car in 2020 to actually look like—you know, considering that it would be chiseled away by a team of the world’s most elite industrial designers.

To give them a boost, ClickMechanic—a sort of AirBnB for auto mechanics and garages in the UK—crowdsourced some rather interesting concepts inspired by some of Apple’s most iconic products over the past few decades.

“Apple has led the technology industry since the 1980s and has become the definition of cutting edge,” says the company. “With rumours surrounding the company producing the first car, we have created five concept cars based on some of Apple’s most iconic products.”

iCar Macintosh
The iCar Macintosh is based on the original Apple Macintosh 128k, released in 1984. We’ve incorporated the beige, plastic like feel of the computer as well as its big, square, and angular features to create a true retro automobile.

iCar Power
The iCar Power draws inspiration from the early noughties era when the PowerBook G4 was released. It lends the same anodised aluminium alloy and delivers a powerful, sturdy, and industrial looking vehicle. Ideal for transporting heavy loads.

iCar 7
The iCar 7 comes in a glossy, jet black shell. Powered by electricity, its battery will last hundreds of miles. The smooth finish, slightly rectangular shape, and rounded edges makes the car look every bit as powerful as it is.

Check out the rest over at ClickMechanic.


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