Invented in 1932 by British automotive engineer George Carwardine, the Anglepoise Original 1227 desk lamp is one of the most iconic product designs in the history of industrial design. The lamp, which is capable of remaining in a fixed position after being moved in multiple directions, was born out of Carwardine’s explorations into new types of vehicle suspensions.

Among others who came to depend on the versatile task lamp is none other than fellow Brit and celebrated author Roald Dahl, who used the lamp daily in his writing hut. To further celebrate the author’s life, the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre commissioned Anglepoise to design and manufacture a giant Anglepoise lamp worthy of the BFG in 2005.

Now, after a decade of customer requests, Anglepoise has finally decided to put the Giant Anglepoise into production for both an indoor and an outdoor collection available in 15 colors. True to the design features found on the original, the Giant lamp includes finely crafted brass components, fabric-covered cables and engraved bespoke adjuster wheels for easy transport:




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