Nailguns are like man’s own gift to himself. With the pull of a trigger, you can drive a number of metal nails into whatever you want connected together. In a perfect world, all nailguns would be easy to carry and store, but sadly majority either use lithium-ion batteries or are fitted with a heavy air compressor to power them.

The Airbow Framer
The Airbow Concrete

This isn’t the case with Airbow’s two newest nailguns. Using what the New Zealand company calls “Hammerforce technology”, the Airbow Framer and Airbow Concrete use an onboard mechanism which is charged using a separate air compressor. Using the stored air, a valve inside the mechanism directs a gram of air onto a nailhead to hammer it onto a surface.

Firing nails using compressed air may not seem very powerful compared to direct electricity, but the high-pressure air really gets the job done. And since the nailguns are air-powered, they are lighter, quieter, and best of all, weatherproof due to their lack of electronics.

If you want to get a sense of just how strong the compressed air mechanism is, both the Airbow Framer and Airbow Concrete use the same technology. But while the Framer is built for driving nails into wood and similar surfaces, the Concrete pumps nails into… well… concrete.

It takes about 10 seconds to charge an Airbow nailgun using the air compressor, letting you get back to work without having to wait. Sadly, Airbow’s line of nailguns can only be purchased in New Zealand. The company is also working on future tools which use the same technology, so here’s to hoping they make them purchasable worldwide soon!


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