I appreciate the idea of traveling lightly, unless it means you can’t pull up to a panoramic view, open your trunk and take a shower against the scenic landscape. Fortunately, there’s a box for that – a swissRoomBox to be exact. It houses just about all you would need to enjoy the comforts of home from the comforts of a fire pit dug into the ground outside your car door (Even though you don’t need to dig a fire pit because it comes with a stove.) It’s been around a while, but they’re preparing to launch a revamped 2012 version that is still red, still fits in just about any car and still embodies the quality of “Swiss made” design.


The swisRoomBox is made specifically to be a modular system that fits in a wide variety of vehicles from compacts and wagons to vans. It’s completely toolless as well, with interlocking pieces and supports to form chairs, tables, cooktops and other variations needed when you’re roughing it.

Thanks to an ingenious modular system installed in the boot of your car, you can cook, eat, take a shower and sleep during your outdoor adventures!

Sleeping on an outdoor adventure!? I don’t think so. Too much adventure to be had. The new version is called the swissRoomBox easyTech. The price? Only CHF 3964 (US $4351), which will actually double the value of my car.

Thanks Butch!

Images: ©RoomBox. All rights reserved.


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