A short time ago (2009), an influential CAD exec said game technology is a sign of things to come in 3D CAD. Well, the future is looking interesting, so we wanted to take the opportunity to break down the UI/UX of the new Playstation 5.

Shortly after unveiling what the PlayStation 5 hardware looks like under the hood, Sony Interactive Entertainment shared a glimpse of the UI/UX design.

The reveal is a pre-production version of the console’s user interface, so there may be a few changes but this is more or less what you’ll see when the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12th and some things to consider when it comes to the future of 3D CAD UX.

Control Center and Cards

YouTube video

At first glance, this looks very much like an updated, flashier version of the PlayStation 4’s XrossMediaBar (XMB). At the press of the PS button you are brought into the PlayStation 5 Control Center where you can resume your game, view trophies, view screenshots or videos, or jump into activities.

Activities and Objectives

ps5 ui

Activities, which can be accessed whilst in-game, allow you to jump into and complete a certain unfinished objective. Activities keep track of your progress during gameplay then easily access them later. Some objectives even allow for hints to be displayed on your screen, whether it’s a video or image clue. Clues only work if you’re subscribed Sony’s PS+ service, but the Activities tab can be accessed by all PS5 owners. It also includes a playtime estimate to show about how much time to finish an objective.

Party PIP and Screen Capture

ps5 ui

Party chat is still a thing, but with the added ability to view your friend’s screens in a smaller picture-in-picture mode. Apart from this, you can easily join friends playing other games, chat in their group, and share and capture gameplay and screenshots in 4K resolution. But now comes the coup de grâce: the PS5’s home screen:

Home Screen

ps5 ui

Much like the PlayStation 4 XMB, the PS5’s home screen looks like a simple, easy to navigate menu which lets you choose a game to play, open up media apps, surf the Internet, and more. Media apps (such as Netflix and Spotify) will have a whole different tab dedicated to them.

ps5 ui

Game icons at the top left portion of the screen are noticeably smaller than the PS4, with more room to see game details, who is streaming, downloadable content, activities, and your trophy progress to get to 100% completion.

The PlayStation Store is still there and lets you easily see deals and purchasable content for games that might interest you, as well as a new Explore tab which lets you see what the PlayStation community is coming up with. Game developers, streamers – all the news about your favorite games is stored here and easily accessible.

There are still a ton of features the video doesn’t explore, but Sony promises to release more details about the PlayStation 5’s features as we near the console’s release date.

So, what do you think? Is gaming UX still ahead of 3D CAD or has 3D CAD caught up?


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