If you’re like most people, you can easily spot the difference between a cheap product and a quality product — the price typically matches, too. A lot of time and attention goes into the design and craftsmanship of quality products, which is why they cost more. However, some companies go above and beyond the normal standards for quality. Take a look at these five commercials of brands that demonstrate brilliant design and craftsmanship in their products.

Apple Designs the Lightest iPhone Ever

People create a unique relationship with their iPhone — it’s something they wouldn’t be caught dead without. That’s why Apple didn’t want to change the design of the iPhone 5 too much from the previous iPhone model; however, there were some changes. This commercial shows Apple’s innovative design process and meticulous manufacturing practice in action.

First, the iPhone 5 keeps the original width design of previous models. This is so users can easily transition to the iPhone 5 and enjoy the same great one-hand design. However, the screen is now taller to accommodate more icons and content. Additionally, the phone itself is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than previous models. This makes it the lightest iPhone model ever.

Since the iPhone 5 is slimmer, Apple had to manage the space inside the phone very carefully. It took a lot of careful planning and designing. One thing they did was create a new chip to replace two that had been used on previous iPhone models. The all new A6 chip combines voice and data technology into one chip. It also increases the speed of everything (frame rates and graphics intensive apps). It is this seamless integration of hardware and software that makes Apple stand out in quality and craftsmanship.

The New HTC One: No Gaps Between Parts

HTC cares as much about the quality of their products as Apple. In this commercial, they demonstrate how the new HTC One is a break-through phone because of the design and craftsmanship that went into it. All smartphones go through a fascinating design process, but the thing that makes the HTC One stand out is that it has zero gaps between parts. The idea behind the design was to make the phone as durable as possible by eliminating moving parts.

HTC uses innovative manufacturing processes to achieve this no-gap design. For instance, they have an electrochemical etching process as well as a special cutter designed to make a curve on the back panel that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand. They wanted to take risks and be bold in their design and craftsmanship; so it’s functional if you want to click on a website link, but it’s also something to appreciate aesthetically. They achieved an all metal design that is seamless with no gaps between parts anywhere.

The Jaguar C-X16 Offers Power Performance and Luxury

Smartphones aren’t the only products that go through an intense design process and have superior craftsmanship during manufacturing; many car brands do the same thing. One example is the Jaguar C-X16, as demonstrated in this commercial. It is a beautiful blend of power performance and luxury.

The Jaguar C-X16 is a powerful sports car, but it stands out for its beautiful design. The curvaceous exterior is not only pretty, it’s aerodynamic. Plus, Jaguar only uses the best materials in its cars. The interior of the car is a mix of red and black, with seats made of a polished composite and upholstery made from the finest red leather. The upholstery is handcrafted with twin stitching for durability and quality The design and craftsmanship of this car shows at every turn.

Everything about the design of the Jaguar is dramatic, and it captures a sense of excitement. Jaguar wanted to design a car that makes people say “wow” about everything. For instance, one thing they added was a back window that opens with the swipe of the hand over a sensor. This commercial truly shows the great design and craftsmanship of the Jaguar C-X16.

Artisans Create the Ricky Bag by Hand

The Ricky Bag Collection from Ralph Lauren is another example of great design and craftsmanship. Each bag starts out as a sketch and then is created by hand, including all cutting, stitching, leather embossing, and all other construction. Ralph Lauren’s goal is to make the greatest bag in the world with a focus on quality.

This commercial explains that the world has gone mechanized in all of its manufacturing and there are no longer as many artisans. However, the Ricky Bag Collection embraces the artisan. Bag making by hand is a skill handed down from generation to generation. These bags are made in Italy by the world’s greatest artisans.

All of the Ricky Bag Collection is made from the finest Italian leather. There is double stitching on every seam for strength and it is all done meticulously by hand. This means you get care and attention to detail in every bag. Ralph Lauren artisans bring their passion to the world. These hand-stitched bags are also embellished with buckles, straps, and protective coatings.

Bernina Sewing Machines Offer Swiss Perfection

No list of brands with great design and craftsmanship would be complete without a Swiss company. Bernina creates high-quality sewing machines that allow people to create any fabric creation they desire. This commercial demonstrates the Swiss perfection that goes into every machine. Each is meticulously manufactured and tested for superior performance and quality.

According to Bernina, the ingredients to create are passion, pride, and performance. During manufacturing, Bernina has a passion for perfecting small parts to enhance the performance of their sewing machines. This is what makes Bernina a true craftsman. There are thousands of parts that make up a Bernina and they choose only the best materials. Plus their manufacturing facilities have state-of-the-art technologies and highly trained professionals. This means there is zero compromises and every machine gets tested meticulously and is designed to be flawless.

The quality of Bernina sewing machines is outstanding. They can create 1,100 stitches per minute. Plus, every part (hook, feed dogs, levers, etc.) is checked for perfection before being installed on a machine. Bernina has the philosophy that they are “Always at the beginning, never at the end.” This shows their dedication to perfect design and craftsmanship while also staying up to date with the demands of consumers.

There are countless other commercials that show companies and brands with great design and craftsmanship. Is there a brand that you think belongs on this list? Leave a comment below.