When it comes to software and digital asset bundles, the results tend to vary. While some might include a couple of golden nuggets worth 2x the price alone, oftentimes users are left with a few gigabytes of tacky stock photos and Wordpress themes that will never…and I mean never, be used.

The Pay it Forward Bundle however, is not one of those.

In the case of this particular bundle, software companies and developers have graciously donated their products to help raise funds towards supporting new healthcare startup Watsi. Featuring a similar interface as Kickstarter, Watsi’s platform allows donors to find patients and donate directly towards specific surgeries or other health-related needs.

The proceeds from the Pay it Forward Bundle will go directly to fund medical procedures for people around the globe who can’t afford them using Watsi’s unique and personalized outreach program.

Along with an annual subscription of the latest Sketchbook Pro from Autodesk (which itself is $25), the bundle also includes photo editing tools, web design tools, web service subscriptions, coupons, digital assets and more.

In total, 16 brands are generously offering their goods to help Watsi. It’s the season of giving…donate what you can?