3D printers and designers have been doing some fancy footwork recently. The Smithsonian has put out a great article covering several new designs. Here’s my favourite, by Hoon Chung for the London College of Fashion.

3d Printed Shoes

These designers haven’t just been concentrating on radical design like Naim Melonia’s shoes as seen above, but radical use of 3D printing to incorporate different and unexpected materials. Melissa’s Shoe design line by Zaha Hadid and the Campana Brothers (below) use chemicals that produce a bubblegum-like scent, to elicit memories of childhood (Big deal – my shoes smell like gum, but that’s because I accidentally stepped on some) So if you’re in SoHo, hop down to Melissa’s and buy a pair of these limited edition pieces before their gone.

Interestingly, these shoes weren’t crafted by shoe designers. Zaha Hadid is an architect and the Campana Brothers work with PVC-based furniture. 3D printing and the utilization of CAD design means that leaping from one market to the next is a rather effortless affair. With a DShape on-hand, it may become easier to ‘live out of your shoes.’

Bad jokes aside, Tristan Bethe has developed a printable mould for ‘shoe bread.’ Made with food-safe silicon, you can buy this design on Shapeways and amaze/disgust your friends at potlucks by making shoe sandwiches and burgers. I suggested to a friend of mine who owns a bakery to make these – she figured no one would buy such loaves but I disagree. I think its the greatest invention since sliced bread!