Headphones. They’re a modern necessity for many of today’s workers and, in many cases, have become the universal sign for “don’t bother me right now.” But as convenient as they are, they can be kind of annoying when it comes to keeping your desk uncluttered.

Headphone stands usually tend to do the trick, but how often do you remember to put one on your shopping list? Thanks to industrial designer Jackson Seidenberg, you don’t have to.

Seidenberg, who worked at MakerBot Industries in Brooklyn for years as a senior industrial designer, recently shared his own headphone stand on Thingiverse that anybody with a 3D printer can fabricate for their own use. Of course, with this being created by a MakerBot employee, the dimensions of the support-free model have been optimized to perfectly match the build volume of the Replicator+, but can just as well be printed on another 3D printer, too.

MakerBot Headphones

While technically any headphones can be used, Seidenberg uses two stands for his Logitech G930 and Astro a50 headphones.

With spring cleaning season just around the corner, get a headstart on organizing your desk. Download the model here.


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