The task on hand was to find you “11 Ways To Use a 3D Printer Cable (That Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About)”, however we thought to expand our horizons and include the likes of USB Cable, Telephone Cable, Ethernet Cable and more. So, if you have your parents’ permission (and access to a butt-load of cables), let’s get on with the show…

Before we dig into the wire bin, there’s one order of business. Hoarding, hoarding of computer cables. For some it’s a problem, others it’s a joy. All we have to say is, good for you – if you’re not making something with them, there are others who can. As for ideas, we’ve got plenty right here. Now, fer reals this time, on with the show…

1) Flashdrive: Cool Sawed-off USB wire


In a hack-a-thon fest this design will win hands down. We love it for the spooky vibe that it creates. Like it? Now make it.

2) Video Earrings




The Video Earrings is for the hip party girl who is always #Selfie ready. Essentially the earrings connect to a PC or Mac to upload and download video clips via USB cable. The cable is essential to charge the device or remove video content. It’s more of a simple display hooked up with clever tech that is so DIY. Try it.

3) Wire Craft Dragon


Who can resist a dragon crafted from color wires that have been ripped from computer printer cables? A combination of adhesive plastic sheet with thin wires used as frame for the wings and legs complete the to-do list. Make the toy by following the instructions here.

4) Dollar Store Challenge


We love this lamp made with a miniature camera tri-pod, a USB computer light, a USB extension cord, and a wire mesh pencil cup. Find more details here, grab your dollar box and get to it.

5) Sparkles Computer Wire Dress


We don’t have the instructions on this one, as in the DIY cheatsheet. However, you know the design, so buy enough cable from a recycling facility, then put your seamstress cap on to stitch the colors in this style. Simple.

6) Upcycled Christmas Wreath


This upcoming Christmas set aside 25 memory chips (from old computers) for the wreath, a red Cat5 network cable for the bow, three old keyboards lettering (three Rs were needed and one keyboard hacked to hold the keys in place and 4 extra spaces for the wire ties. The memory is wire tied together at the holes in the memory chips and hooked on to a wreath hoop. As the designer explains, “Each loop of memory was attached together, then the loop was attached to the wreath hoop. Two loops of 8 memory chips on the inside, and one loop of 9 on the outside. (that outside loop could use one or two more memory chips to make it round).” Very detailed and beautiful. Do send us a photo of yours.

7) A Touchless 3D Tracking Interface with a 6′ Shielded Audio Cable


Check out the video below where the details are fleshed out. You’ll get a grasp of capacitive sensing and arduino microcontrollers. Have fun creating some magic.

8) Steampunk USB Cable


What can we say, we are Steampunk Junkies.

9) Telephone Cord Sheep at the Communication Museum


Again, one of those artsy-installation types, but you get the drift? A sheep in your pasture…err garden, or in your home will look so rad. Try it now.

10) Telephone Wire Vessel. Signature Series.


If you want to know how to weave with telephone wires, check out the videos and then try your hand at this design, or any other you fancy.

11) Ethernet Cable Headgear


One word – WOW! The last thing on our list was headgear (or wigs for that matter) made from Ethernet cables. Just goes to show that if we expand out minds and go with our creative gut, we can create magic with cables.



Sexy dress made from ethernet cable.