Few shop tools—yes, we’ll call it a “tool”—are as indispensable as a reliable work apron. While not a “tool” in the traditional sense, a good, durable apron can serve many purposes ranging from tool organization to even psychologically making yourself ‘present’ in the workshop.

But no two aprons are alike—and striking the balance between functional and economical isn’t always easy. Which is why we like the Cross Back Adjustable Apron from Hudson Durable Goods.

Made from thick and durable waxed canvas, this stylish work apron features design details that are as carefully considered as the long-lasting materials they’re constructed from. Additionally, the cross-back (X-back) straps ensure that weight from tools is spread evenly across the back to avoid neck strain. Best of all, since the apron is made from waxed canvas, it will only get better with age.

Hudson Durable Goods Waxed Canvas Work Apron — $29.99


  • Cross-back (x-back) straps spread the weight of tools to prevent neck strain
  • 2 large tool pockets (6.5 inches tall x 8 inches wide)
  • Chest pocket for cellphone/pencil/tools (4.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide)
  • Kangaroo pocket (large hoodie-style hand pocket)
  • Straps sewn on ends to prevent slipping through side grommets
  • Flat black canvas and gun-metal hardware for a low-key, unisex, professional look


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