Those wood or 3D printed parts won’t smooth themselves!

But how often do you spend wrestling a piece of sandpaper around weird edges—only to be left with a half-crooked and totally botched result? There’s a remedy for that — and we can’t recommend it enough.

The Preppin’ Weapon sanding block is a workshop necessity that lets users load sandpaper and adjust tension quickly and easily. And while just one Preppin’ Weapon sanding block will go a long way in your process, arming yourself with a four-pack for four different levels of grit will take it to another level—no need to stop and reload!

For power users, the Preppin’ Weapon also lets you stack up to four sheets of sandpaper in each block for quick tearaways when a new sheet is needed without stopping to reset. Fast and consistent sanding has never been this easy.

Preppin’ Weapon Ergonomic Sanding Blocks (4-Pack) — $79.98


  • Dramatically reduces sanding time
  • Color-coded (yellow, blue, green and red) for different grit
  • Easy to use wet or dry with multiple materials
  • Ergonomic for reducing pain points
  • Preload multiple sandpaper sheets into each block
  • Durable construction with Lifetime Warranty


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