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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

Screw You Vase – If you’ve been saving up all your plastic screw-top bottles for something, then consider this 3D printed vase from Layers. Ah yes–the Screw You Vase is a clever use of the PET bottle screw top that creates a web of 12 bottle caps connected together to create a 12-vessel vase. Check it out at LayersInDesign.Com.

Nest Protect – By now you’ve probably heard of the NEST Thermostat—you know, the Smart Thermostat designed by ex-Apple designer Tony Fadell? Well, Fadell is at it again and this time he’s tackling the Smoke Alarm with a new product called NEST Protect. With features such as a wave-motion sensor to turn off a warning, a Siri-like human voice control, ambient directional lighting, and an integrated iOS app, you’ll almost want to burn that lemon chicken on purpose. Nice! Check it out at

iKettle – If getting out of bed in the morning to turn on the kettle for tea is too much effort for you on Sunday mornings, be sure to check out the iKettle. The iKettle is the world’s first WiFi-enabled tea kettle that boils water from your smartphone anywhere in your home. Embrace your laziness–or not– and satisfy your tea cravings at the same time. Get it for $160 on

VROOM! – If you’re embarrassed that your Mini-Van doesn’t make the same engine noises as a V8 Muscle Car, worry no more! The Vroom! app aims to make your everyday driving experience more enjoyable by replacing your sad and sorry engine sounds with those of a Pontiac Trans-AM and others through your car stereo. Check it out for $1 on iTunes!

Digital Dudz – Well, it’s that time of year again where we’re only weeks away from halloween and your local halloween store will probably be sold out of that Iron Man costume you’ve been eyeballing. Fret no more! Digital Dudz are the smartphone and tablet-integrated latex skins that you can place under a ripped shirt to give the illusion of a beating heart or other terrifying images. Available for $30 bucks at

Blind Minder – As we step into the Fall season, chances are you’ve been paying more attention to keeping your house warmer at night. Consider saving some pennies by using your window blinds as a method for room temperature control with this Mini Blind Minder project. Powered by an Arduino microcontroller, this handy little device features a sensor that monitors the desired temperature of your room and opens or closes the blinds to control the ideal temperature. Yep! Check it out at

The Science Kitchen – If you’re going to be in Berlin in the near future, be sure to stop by the Science Kitchen to try out one of their new Kyl21 Molecular Popsicles. Yes, unlike other popsicles these are frozen with liquid nitrogen ensuring less sugar and FAT. Not to mention, the multi-faceted designs look more like a modern italian sofa than a popsicle. Check them out at

Type:Rider – And finally, if you ever wanted to learn about the history of typography but don’t want to read stacks of boring books, be sure to check out the new game TypeRider. Yes with each level split up by decade, learn the history of various typefaces by running over them in a semicolon bicycle! First five levels are free over at …. buy the full game over at iTunes for or Google for $3.

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